Team -, and organizational development with Everything Disc®

Better Relations, Better Results!

The advantages for you, if you are using Disc® in the Team, and organizational development:

To better understand each other

A Team that works with Everything Disc®, is significantly more cooperative, shows more acceptance and trust – the Basis for good Performance in the world of work

The Comparison Of Profiles

With the free Everything Disc® comparison, you can create reports for your entire Team tips and recommendations for a more effective cooperation.

You can use Everything Disc® for the Team and organization development

People are different in their behavior and thinking patterns. This is completely normal and a good thing. Nevertheless, misunderstandings, conflicts and stressful situations in a Team as a result of these Differences, it is often precisely these differences. This is more on the commitment, Motivation and the health of the employees*the inside. Efficient team work settlements, the prerequisite for a successful Project, a pleasant working atmosphere and thus for the success of the company. Team conflicts can develop insidiously over a long period of time – the reasons are as varied as individually. Each team member brings to the Strengths and weaknesses of individual behavioural tendencies and thought patterns.

Everything Disc® in your Team

The key to team success is the Understanding of the other Disc®styles and the individual dealing with various types of behavior. Exceptionally successful Teams are characterized by team members who know about their tasks exactly know. Decisions are made jointly and solutions discussed. Respectful, clear communication within the Team is the A and O for long-term cooperation.

With the help of the Everything Disc® Workplace, you can build more effective relationships, and the quality of your work environment to improve

Everything Disc® shows that each person is completely in order. However, it is important that people learn to be flexible on other behavioral types are received. Everything Disc® also helps to develop better and solution-oriented communication strategies. How does, for example, an enterprising colleague who constantly has new ideas, with its exact colleague, a stable work environment is very important? Everything Disc® helps these essential issues of cooperation and, in addition, offers the possibility of comparative reports between the participants. So you have a better understanding of what motivates your colleagues and how you can deal with it. You will see, often the resolution of conflicts is already close and just waiting to be discovered by you.

Your personal Everything Disc® Workplace profile covers the following areas:

  • What are the priorities that affect you in your work (as an entrepreneur)?
  • Your motivators and stress factors
  • Strategies for a better cooperation with different "types of people"
  • Better approaches to solving problems and conflicts
  • Effectiveness in the workplace to increase

With its specially-trained Disc®Coach, you talk about your individual Disc®profile, and the ability to make your work environment even more successful.

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Successful with DiSC®

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