Conflicts at the workplace are unpleasant, but unavoidable. You can use a question of the Potential of conflict in the workplace. Everything Disc® Productive Conflict helps you to be able to own conflict behavior to better reflect and provides tips for implementing constructive solutions with your colleagues. Everything Disc® Productive Conflict helps you and your Team to reduce destructive behaviors so that conflict can be productive and, ultimately, the results and relationships in the workplace can be optimized.

By improving the knowledge of the conflict behavior, will help you to Everything Disc® Productive Conflict can be unpleasant, but unavoidable challenges in the workplace, effective respond.

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Your benefits of Everything Disc® Productive Conflict:

With Everything Disc® Productive Conflict, you are

  • the destructive and productive behaviors of all Disc®styles in conflict situations.
  • understanding how the different behaviors in conflict situations.
  • new communication strategies to discover if you get into a productive conflict with colleagues.

Everything Disc® Productive Conflict is a highly personalized learning experience that supports you in improving your self-knowledge in the conflict behavior and their employees or customers helps to respond effectively to the most unpleasant, but unavoidable challenges of workplace conflict. Everything Disc® Productive Conflict combines the personalized knowledge of Everything Disc® is the science of cognitive-behavioral theory, in order to help the users to recognize your destructive habits and more productive reactions to convert. The result of improved working relationships that lead to better results and improved sales are.

The Assessment:

The validated Online assessment, the user will be asked to respond to the information about your behavior on a Five-point scale, including application-specific questions to determine their own priorities for productive conflict. Each user receives using the latest adaptive test method precision and personalized insights, tips and strategies to their own behavior in conflict situations.

The Profile:

The 22-page Everything Disc® Productive Conflict profile provides an in-depth and personal review, the techniques for the improvement of self-knowledge in the conflict behavior are highlighted. Using the profile, you will not only learn the destructive and productive conflict behaviors of each Disc®-to-understand style. You will also learn, how you react in situations of conflict, and personalized communication strategies, if they get into conflicts in the workplace.

Supplementary reports to the Everything Disc® Productive Conflict Profile:

Everything Disc® supplementary report to moderators

More detailed data on the Everything Disc®contains self-assessment of the Participants and enables a more informed discussion of its Disc®style, even the rather unexpected answers.

Everything Disc® Comparison Report

The comparison report allows you to build better relationships and sustainable learning success. This 10-page, scientifically-based follow-up reports can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences.

 Team View

This is styles an Overview of any group of participants and their individual Everything Disc® -. The number of Participants is not limited.

Group Culture Report

This will help you in determining the Disc®-the culture of a group, the evaluation of their advantages and disadvantages, the meeting of their impact on the members of the group and the assessment of their influence on decision-making and risk-taking. Separately and available in English.

Facilitator report for moderators/coach/team leader

Contains a compilation of the Disc®styles in your group, as well as information about the Disc®styles can influence the culture of the company. With the name and style for all Participants. Separately and available in English.

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