EPIC – The Disc® Online platform

EPIC is the Online platform for the Disc®, you can manage all of your Online products, with your contact information branden and Disc® Profiles can create. There are a variety of advantages to you of the resolution with conventional paper profiles. In the framework of the official Disc® certification, you will receive an Account (here you will get to find more information DiSC® Certification).

Your Advantages

  • Easy creation and management of all Disc® Profiles in your company.
  • Data protection as a top priority, only you have access to your customer data.
  • Profile position, regardless of time and place.
  • Tailored to the needs of Multi-location companies.
  • Individual Personalization
  • Disc® Reports can be directly or via Email print.
  • A separate Account History gives you a complete Overview of all your activities on your Sub Account.

In short: you have to manage simple and straightforward, your Disc®Profiles and DiSG®-clients projects – on the Device of your choice (Smartphone, Tablet, or PC) .


Credits are the "currency" on EPIC. This is needed in order to generate Access Codes and to send the access codes for the Disc® Profile via Email. Credits can be very simple us be acquired.

Demo Account

You can watch a Demo-Version of an account. Please Contactwe let you access data when available. Explore Your Options.


All of the information around the topic of data privacy can be found here, online.

Work with the EPIC platform

Learn how you can be a daily routine with EPIC work.

DiSG Personalauswahl Spezialistin Mag. Nina Nadlinger

Successful with Disc

You can now benefit from the application of Disc in your company.

Take that, you May contact our specialist. Nina Nadlinger on:

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Work with EPIC

Learn how you can be a daily routine with EPIC work. Disc®-send reports, group reports, Credits and much more. Our Disc® specialist: Mag. Nina Nadlinger explained in short and simple in the following Videos: