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The advantages for you, if you are using Disc® in conflict management:

Destructive behaviors to understand

Everything Disc® Productive Conflict helps you to learn the own conflict behavior reflect and productive reactions to convert.

The Chance of the conflict recognize

Conflicts are inevitable, but it also opens up the possibility to develop new communication strategies in a Team. With Everything Disc® Productive Conflict, they provide the Basis for productive conflict, and a healthy culture of conversation in your Team.

You can use Everything Disc® for conflict management

Conflict management for busy managers on a regular basis in their time, since conflicts in the Team, not infrequently, are part of everyday working life: the key is how to deal with conflict situations. In the workplace, people often meet with very different objectives, expectations, needs, and behavior preferences. His colleagues: you can't pick and choose, of course, but you can work to a flexible dealing with other people and his own behavior in conflict situations to better know, understand, and adapt learning. This also includes his own behavior in conflict situations. Here, Everything Disc® Productive Conflict helps you.

As you can see conflicts in your company?

Conflicts in the Team, often develop insidiously. A harsh tone, irritated atmosphere, gossip and rumors can be the harbingers of a conflict. The later you recognize these symptoms in the company, the more difficult the solution is. The most common reasons for conflicts in the workplace are:

  • Stress
  • High performance pressure and Overwork
  • Sub-claim and Frustration
  • Unclear Tasks
  • Lack of or lack of appreciation
  • The lack of respect for colleagues
  • Competition in the Team
  • Fear of making mistakes

It is therefore important to detect conflicts in a timely manner and to act in a constructive way. In the worst case, cause the above warning signs can lead to serious health problems such as Burnout or depression.

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Conflict as a risk to business

Unresolved conflicts are often a great burden for all Concerned in the Team and the entire company. Conflicts in the workplace, Stress, distrust, stoking Fears and losses, ultimately, even the health of the employees*the inside. This is also for the company, the negative effects of Poor communication in the Team, low Motivation, frequent illness, and ultimately Burnout can be the result of open conflict.

The scientific publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc. interviewed at the beginning of 2018, more than 12,000 employees*the inside of their experience with conflict in the workplace. The following insights were gained from it:

  • 70% percent of managers and executives said that interpersonal conflicts, the efficiency of their Department negatively influenced
  • An average of 13 hours per month Manager*spend inside in order to resolve conflicts in the workplace
  • 40% of surveyed staff reported that they have already left a company due to interpersonal conflicts

The Cost of conflict-study KPMG came in 2015 to the following results:

  1. An average of 25-40% of their time spends a leader in dealing with conflicts. The two days per week.
  2. Absence due to Anxiety and bullying is costing businesses a year in Europe, more than 30 billion euros.
  3. The cost amount to the loss of an*employee*arise, can be up to 150% of the annual salary of the*of the persons Concerned.

Understand conflicts and learning to deal with them

Every person has to deal with different behavior, preferences, and skills, with conflicts. The importance of a thoughtful dealing with his own emotions and reactions in the workplace is when it comes to situations of conflict. Productive Feedback, and flexible communication with his colleagues and superiors, facilitates collaboration, and also prevents health risks.

Take advantage of the Potential of workplace conflict by transforming destructive behaviour into effective responses and strategies, and a problem in the case of a productive experience. Everything Disc® Productive Conflict you supported.

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