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The original Disc® certification

For trainers, and staff developers and managers
They are Expert*in the original Disc-Tools.

With the original Disc certification, you have the option, the latest Generation of the original Disc Tools for your training, coaching and in the HR field.

The original Disc assessment Tools to support the world's leading resource for individuals, Teams and managers to better working relationships, collaborate more effectively, and to develop a positive, future-oriented company culture.

Worldwide, more than 130,000 organizations are working with the original DiSC Tools:

You are an HR Expert*in, Visionary,*in the staff development or coach*in/Coach, which is seeking the next Level of Employee development?

Then the certification to the original DiSC®, the latest Generation is your key to a world full of possibilities. We invite you to discover the transformative effects of the certification of the Everything DiSC®-experts – an investment that expands your skills and give you tools to make work relations. In addition, you save through our certification time and money.

Das Team von disgprofil.eu steht Ihnen auch nach der DiSG® Zertifizierung immer zur Verfügung

In-depth understanding of individual personality profiles

You don't know how you improve with an in-depth understanding of individual personality profiles, only the communication and collaboration in your company, but also a culture of respect and appreciation can promote.

The unique Adaptive Testing technology

Our original Everything DiSC®-features of the Tools due to their unique Adaptive Testing (AT) technology, which delivers an exceptionally detailed personal analysis. This Level of customization is not found in other Tools, and allows you to make only superficial changes, but allow for the profound transformations.

With our original Disc certification, you will get extensive Know-how, on this new technology, an incomparable added value for your organization to display.

Vor der DiSG® Zertifizierung füllen Sie Ihre eigenen DiSG-Profile aus

Facts on the original DiSC® certification

Bei der DiSG® Zertifizierung setzen wir auf Praxis und Austausch
  • 2 days 9: 00 to about 17:30
  • Ongoing appointments online or Vienna, Berlin, Zurich,
    Company certifications as much as possible.
  • Unlimited access to our disgprofil.eu DiSC-EXTRANET (online Campus)
  • Seminar and coaching designs ready-to-use, as well as content blocks
  • Implementation in the case of a Person of your choice as a Final exam
  • Accepted Certificate of disgprofil.eu

What participants of our DiSC® certification say

Are you interested in the DiSC® certification?

Inform you personally of the advantages of the DiSC®certification and the numerous possibilities to use the DiSC®Tools. Call us and fix an appointment (by phone or in our office).

Zu jeder DiSG® Zertifizierung erhalten Sie die DiSG Trainingsbox.

Your Disc Certification Box

Choose your preferred type of DiSC® certification

You still have questions on DiSC certification®? Here you will find the FAQ:

How much does the DiSC® certification cost?2024-03-14T14:13:26+01:00

The DiSC® certification costs a one-off fee of €3,790 (plus VAT) per person. This includes an EPIC account, three personal DiSG® profiles, and our DiSG® training box with supporting literature, supplementary training materials, DiSG card games and much more. In addition, our service team will be on hand to provide you with our expertise even after your certification.

Why get certified as a trainer/consultant or coach?2024-03-14T14:09:18+01:00

Our DiSG® certification provides you with concentrated knowledge about history, theory, exercises, practical tasks, product overview and technical training about the world of Everything DiSG in two days. You expand your portfolio and provide targeted support to your customers.

Can I also do the DiSC® certification online or in-house?2024-03-14T14:06:17+01:00

Yes, plan the DiSG® certification according to your own ideas. We offer our certifications in person, online or on-site at your company. Individual appointments are also possible on request.

How long does a DiSC® certification take?2024-03-14T14:03:16+01:00

The DiSC® certification lasts two days of 8 hours each. In between, we provide sufficient breaks and refreshments on site. If you decide to do the online certification, you can also complete the certification in 5 modules (approx. 3 hours each).

Is one DiSC® certification sufficient for all products?2024-03-14T14:01:28+01:00

Yes, after DiSC® certification you can work with our complete range of products. Our free webinars also allow you to delve deeper into our products.

Where can I use DiSC®?2024-03-14T13:59:39+01:00

You can use Everything DiSC® in personnel decisions, in recruiting, in onboarding or for the further development of existing employees. Since the Everything DiSC® product suite includes profiles with different focuses, you can use Everything DiSC® effectively train managers, address conflicts and resolve them constructively, or further develop your corporate culture.

Why is DiSC® certification useful for companies?2024-03-14T13:57:34+01:00

With the DiSC® certification, you get a system for various topics of personnel development and internal team communication. Get to know yourself, your team and your customers better. Improve the company climate and ensure better communication through a better understanding of other DiSG® styles.

You will receive your own EPIC account and can create, send and evaluate DiSC® profiles independently. You can also purchase our DiSC® products at exclusive wholesale prices.

DiSC® certification dates and registration

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