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The Everything DiSC®personality profile of Wiley&Sons, were now used by more than 50 million people, in order to improve the productivity in the work, team-work and communication with clients and colleagues.

Many factors are relevant for the success of a company. An essential factor is to be able to with other people successful and useful relationships. This applies to dealing with customers for a friction-free, and productive Team collaboration, and executives that encourage your employees to peak performance can motivate. But also in the selection of personnel, it is essential to find the right Person for the right Job to select. The various Everything DiSC®, the Profiles help you perfect in these crucial areas.

DiSC® Profiles for your application

Better communication in the workplace, Teamwork, help in conflict management, the effectiveness of your leadership increase, optimize your Sales, services, support in Change Management or the climb to the Top Team? Countless companies use personality profiles. You can find the matching Everything DiSC® profile for you and/or your Team with us. The DiSC®model has been helping for over 40 years, in the description of human behavior patterns and the reasons for our Actions in different situations. Our personality profiles of the new Generation are the result of years of research and development. What's in it for you? Who knows the DiSC®model and its DiSC®style aware of, understands not only to Act better, it can also work successfully with other people. Knowing this can help you and your employees*apply in dealing with different types of customers, business partners and of course colleagues.

The use of DiSC® as a common, value-neutral language

Every person is wired differently and that's totally fine. Often differences can lead to destructive conflict in the workplace. Why is that? Every person has different tendencies, motivators, stressors and priorities. This is completely normal and OK. It is only important to learn the other, the better to understand and flexible, depending on the DiSC®style to deal with each other. The goal of the use of Everything DiSC® personality profiles is to communicate with other people better, instead of judging about the things that we can't understand (yet). According to the Motto: "Better relations, better results".

Overview the DiSC® Profile

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