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The advantages for you, if you are using Everything Disc® training and coaching:

You work with the number 1 in German-speaking countries

You will benefit from the new Generation: Everything Disc®. The new Disc®System offers a new, easy-to-read analysis. The reports are to 25% personalized. Use the free supplementary report, as well as the free comparison report to your customers*inside is a complete package to offer.

EPIC and Trainerkit

In the Disc® Trainer*internal certification, the establishment of their own EPIC is included in the Online platform for your business, Everything Disc® Profiles, the self-employed, evaluate and manage. You will also receive the extensive Everything Disc®Trainer*innenset with ready-to PowerPoint slides, worksheets, posters, Exercises, and exciting educational videos. In order for you to put professional Disc®training and coaching.

You can use Everything Disc® training and coaching

Thousands of trainers and Coaches around the world use Disc® in order to develop even better solutions for their clients, and in the competition. Disc® not only helps to improve interpersonal communication, Teamwork can be significantly more effective. Disc® is the ideal base to employees, and clients, as well as cooperation partners to properly and successfully deal with it. A distinct advantage for their clients.

With the Disc® certification trainers and Coaches are equipped with a particularly useful Tool for a variety of applications:

Give Feedback using Disc® training and Coaching

In the feedback process with Everything Disc® you give your clients, in training and coaching, individual Feedback, and help you to deal intensively with its own behavioral tendencies. Also dealing with Strengths and challenges is enhanced by Everything Disc® significantly. Disc® is easy to use and facilitates the training or coaching process through easy-to-read, graphical analyses, as well as the special Everything Disc® supplementary report for trainers and Coaches.

Personalities in training and coaching with Disc® to develop

Often your Customers*you want to learn how to develop more, work more efficiently or better with other people can deal with it. Disc® helps you to assist your clients with these issues and to accompany you during your development process.

Training and coaching with Disc® design

Everything Disc® can be, for example, in the areas of personality development, team building, leadership, sales, Management, and Teambuilding used. In the course of the Disc® certification, you will learn how to create a training/coaching concept with Everything Disc® and put this into practice successfully. They are supported with extensive training materials, which is a stand-alone implementation is. You will also receive our marketing materials, as well as case studies for individual use.

Team processes in training and coaching sessions with Disc® detect & design

With the help of the Everything Disc® team profiles, such as the comparison report or the group culture report, you can identify team processes and different types of personalities in the Team. So you can support your clients to be more effective to optimize your style of communication and team conflicts. A great added value for your clients, because conflicts in the Team inevitably have an impact on the company and the Motivation in the work process.

Through the analysis of behavioural preferences of employees*interior create the conditions for more effective staff development and training measures, a more targeted recruitment, selection and Integration of employees and managers in existing Teams. In addition, they provide a safe basis for Decision-making in order to communicate with employees, and clients, and partners better and therefore more successful.

The Everything Disc®profile helps you to recognize your own Strengths, challenges and development potential in dealing with themselves and others better and make appropriate improvements.

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