For sale with Disc®

Better Relations, Better Results!

The advantages for you, if you are using Disc® sales:

Clients learn to understand

Who can estimate its clients and distribution partners, and properly communicated with them, increases within the shortest possible time to his company's success

Immediately applicable tips

Disc® provides concrete recommendations, and tips for effective interaction with other people. Opportunities and development fields are cleared, individual Strengths and weaknesses lights.

For sale with Disc®

Why should you work in the area of sales with Disc®? The Disc® Sales profile has the goal to increase the effectiveness of the seller*the inside. You will receive feedback on Strengths and potential for improvement in the sales process. This Sales profile helps you to recognize specific tendencies of your conversation partner, even better, and to act in a target-oriented. So you can increase your sales success.

In the detailed Report, the following reports and work are included sheets on sale:

1) strategies for building positive relationships in the sale

This report describes how a relationship based on trust and mutual respect:

For the best possible development of a positive atmosphere

  • Motivation
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Conflict avoidance
  • Strategies, behavior, develop problem-solving and decision-making to

2) relationship to people in your retail environment

This report explains how the participants*acts indoor with equal inter-and its environmental interpreted:

  • Methods of communication and time management
  • Emotional components and tactical nuances
  • Strategies for problem solving and decision making

3) strategies for the lead in the sale

This report examines the most efficient methods to guide the participants in a sales environment:

  • Key strategies that help to achieve full potential in a sales environment
  • How, accordingly, directed, and informed support
  • Techniques for Motivation and recognition

4) The practices in the sale

This report describes how participants*sets indoor successful steps in the sales process:

  • The techniques in sales calls and presentations
  • Dealing with problems and questions
  • The path to a successful completion

Available in the following languages:

Danish, English UK, English US, English Australia, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Latvian, Lithauisch, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish

More to the use of the DISC in the sale please read here.

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