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Why are we the right partner for your DiSC deployment?

  • Experience from 30 years with DiSC

  • Personality Expert become

  • the worldwide No.1 original DiSC-Tools

  • Dive deep into the DiSC-Praksis

  • Knowledge library + Practice templates

  • Expert team available for you at any time

  • Targeted Employee development
  • Team dynamics strengthen
  • Managers as coaches
  • Targeted Customer approach and retention
  • Productive Corporate and Conflict culture
  • The best Find + retain employees

With disgprofil.eu you have a lifelong partner who will support you with all questions about the original DiSC personality tools. With the original DiSC certification from disgprofil.eu you will become a specialist in interpersonal relationships and communication in a business context in order to strengthen your company in every market environment. An investment that is sure to be worthwhile.

Why experts choose to work with us and DiSC:

Michael Thewes talks about the successes he had as an HR Country Manager with the Everything DiSC tools and how his experience helped implement these tools worldwide in an international corporation.

Harald Schmid explains how he came to the Everything DiSC tool world as a human resources manager and conflict expert. Schmid was able to gain exciting experiences as an early adopter of the new Everything DiSC Productive Conflict tool.

After her disgprofil.eu certification, Mag. Lydia Kienzer-Schwaiger has become one of the strongest advocates of the Everything DiSC tools. In her work as a business psychologist, she has often seen how valuable an understanding of differences in teams can be.

Everything DiSC: The analysis tool for the new world of work

Build better relationships

The right potential in your teams

Behind the scenes of your conflicts

Cultivating sales stars

Planning communication strategies

When your employees know themselves and others better, they can show their true colors in the workplace.

Everyone has a unique DiSC® style – no one style is better or worse than another. We believe that when these differences are valued and utilized, better communication and a healthier culture are possible.

What participants of our DiSC® certification say

Everything DiSC– the performance tool for companies

For over 40 years, companies have been increasing their productivity with the Everything DiSC® profile, which has been proven millions of times.

Whether in leadership development, sales, conflict management, as a team tool or in recruiting, it is always about optimal collaboration.

The various Everything DiSC® profiles help you to better understand yourself and others.

  • Which type complements the team best?

  • Which employee is a perfect fit for our company?

  • How do I increase sales success?

  • How do I lead my employees individually and optimally?

  • How do I resolve conflicts in a team efficiently?

Do you want to hear more from us and our certified experts? On our Youtube-Kanal You will find podcast episodes and explanatory videos about the Everything DiSC tools.

Why choose the original Everything DiSC profile?

  • The original from Wiley
  • One system for many HR application areas
  • Adaptive testing procedure: 25% more precise results
  • Clear report structure: Faster application in coaching and workshops
  • The comparison report: Immediate practical transfer for better collaboration
Fortune 500 companies trust Everything DiSC tools

Do you have further questions about Everything DiSC?

You can find the answers in our FAQs.

Does Everything DiSC® pigeonhole people?2023-11-23T13:21:57+01:00

DiSC scores are used to improve communication, build better team relationships, improve leadership, and manage conflict. Please remember: All DiSC styles are equally valuable, and DiSC scores do not predict success in a particular position.

Could my DiSC style be different in private?2023-11-22T14:50:42+01:00

Everything DiSG was designed by the academic publisher Wiley as a tool for improving interpersonal relationships and effectiveness in the workplace. As such, the program is intended for use in a work environment. However, the individual techniques and strategies from the DiSG profile can also be transferred to other environments, as long as one keeps in mind that some of the principles may not be consistent with the work environment.

Some participants report that their attitudes and tendencies are different at work than at home. Research shows that this is not because participants have a different DiSG style at work than at home. Rather, these differences result from behaviors that participants have learned to use in certain settings or with certain people, or that may not be fully expressed in other settings.

How long does it take to complete an Everything DiSC® test?2023-11-23T13:22:39+01:00

On average, participants need 15-20 minutes to complete the Everything DiSG® Online Assessment.

What can the new Everything DiSC® do?2023-11-22T14:22:00+01:00

Everything DiSG® uses an adaptive testing method, an interactive self-assessment in which the questions are individually adapted based on the participants' previous answers. This achieves greater accuracy in determining the DiSG style and the exact position of the point on the diagram. The Everything DiSC profiles are therefore 25% more accurate than their predecessors or DiSG profiles from other providers.

Everything DiSG visualizes the result using a circular model. The circular diagram provides participants with an easy and intuitive way to understand their own DiSG style and the relationships between the different styles. Instead of numbers on four scales, a point is now used to represent where a person is on the Everything DiSC Workplace diagram. This approach allows for a more precise representation of the individual DiSC style and position on the diagram.

Does my demographics affect my DiSC style?2023-11-23T13:18:42+01:00

There are few differences in ratings based on demographic characteristics. Here are some answers from DiSC research on demographic characteristics that are frequently asked questions.

Most common DiSC style

Standardization of the eight scales ensures that the assignment of DiSG styles to the twelve styles is approximately equal. The Everything DiSG assessment has been translated into other languages, using local norm sets to determine optimal items and norms for each scale.


Gender differences are generally small. The largest differences are observed on the iS scale, where gender accounts for 3.7% of the scale variance. Women tended to score higher on the i, iS, S, and SG scales, and men tended to score higher on the D, Di, G, and GD scales.

Cultural differences

These differences are generally small. The largest differences are observed on the GD scale, where origin accounts for 2.5% of the scale variance.


These differences are generally very small. The largest differences are seen on the Di scale, where education accounts for 0.7% of the scale variance.


In practical terms, knowing a person’s ethnic background says almost nothing about that person’s DiSG style.

Who invented the DiSC model?2023-12-07T13:54:52+01:00

The DiSG behavioral model was first introduced by William Moulton Marston, an American psychologist with a PhD from Harvard. In his 1928 book, Emotions of Normal People, he explained his theory of how normal human emotions lead to behavioral differences between groups of people and how a person's behavior can change over time. His work focused on directly observable and measurable psychological phenomena.

Many versions of personality or behavioral tests have been developed based on Marston's DiSGmodel. We are proud to offer the original DiSGCl assic as well as the latest generation Everything DiSG® from Wiley&Sons, which have taken Marston's model, refined it, expanded it and made it applicable to today's workplace.

What motivates DiSC types?2023-12-07T14:15:12+01:00

The motivators of each DiSC type are as different as they are individual.

In general, however, we speak of the following motivators for the individual DiSC styles:

  • D: Competition, success, authority
  • i: social recognition, group activities, friendly relationships
  • S: stable environment, appreciation, cooperation
  • G: Use competence, acquire knowledge, quality
How much does the DiSC® certification cost?2024-03-14T14:13:26+01:00

The DiSC® certification costs a one-off fee of €3,790 (plus VAT) per person. This includes an EPIC account, three personal DiSG® profiles, and our DiSG® training box with supporting literature, supplementary training materials, DiSG card games and much more. In addition, our service team will be on hand to provide you with our expertise even after your certification.

Why is DiSC® certification useful for companies?2024-03-14T13:57:34+01:00

With the DiSC® certification, you get a system for various topics of personnel development and internal team communication. Get to know yourself, your team and your customers better. Improve the company climate and ensure better communication through a better understanding of other DiSG® styles.

You will receive your own EPIC account and can create, send and evaluate DiSC® profiles independently. You can also purchase our DiSC® products at exclusive wholesale prices.

Where can I use DiSC®?2024-03-14T13:59:39+01:00

You can use Everything DiSC® in personnel decisions, in recruiting, in onboarding or for the further development of existing employees. Since the Everything DiSC® product suite includes profiles with different focuses, you can use Everything DiSC® effectively train managers, address conflicts and resolve them constructively, or further develop your corporate culture.

Is one DiSC® certification sufficient for all products?2024-03-14T14:01:28+01:00

Yes, after DiSC® certification you can work with our complete range of products. Our free webinars also allow you to delve deeper into our products.

How long does a DiSC® certification take?2024-03-14T14:03:16+01:00

The DiSC® certification lasts two days of 8 hours each. In between, we provide sufficient breaks and refreshments on site. If you decide to do the online certification, you can also complete the certification in 5 modules (approx. 3 hours each).

Can I also do the DiSC® certification online or in-house?2024-03-14T14:06:17+01:00

Yes, plan the DiSG® certification according to your own ideas. We offer our certifications in person, online or on-site at your company. Individual appointments are also possible on request.

Why get certified as a trainer/consultant or coach?2024-03-14T14:09:18+01:00

Our DiSG® certification provides you with concentrated knowledge about history, theory, exercises, practical tasks, product overview and technical training about the world of Everything DiSG in two days. You expand your portfolio and provide targeted support to your customers.

What are mixed types in the Everything DiSC® model?2023-11-23T13:24:57+01:00

In the DiSC model, which is based on the four main dimensions of dominance (D), influence (I), consequence (S) and conscientiousness (C), it is common for people to be mixed types. This means that they are not only strongly developed on one dimension, but show different proportions of the various characteristics in their behavior.

How does the DiSC test work?2023-11-23T11:00:30+01:00

Participants answer a series of questions about their behavior and preferences in the online assessment. The answers are then analyzed to find out which of the four behavior types they are most likely to exhibit. In addition, individual strengths, priorities, motivators and stressors are determined.

The Everything DiSC assessments are carried out by certified trainers via an online platform, EPIC. Profiles can be created, managed and edited via EPIC. If an Everything DiSC assessment is created for a participant on EPIC, they automatically receive an email with the access data for the personal assessment. EPIC can also be used to control whether your participants can see the results of their profile immediately after completion. Once the assessment is completed, personal profiles, comparison reports, moderator reports and group reports can be generated via EPIC.

For more information on how to work with EPIC, see here.

What is the DiSC model?2023-11-23T13:40:03+01:00

The DiSC model is a personality model based on the work of William Marston that categorizes people based on four main behavioral types:

  • Dominance
  • Initiative
  • continuity
  • conscientiousness

The goal of Everything DiSG® profiles is to communicate better with other people, strengthen interpersonal relationships and counteract prejudices.

What is the original DiSC® assessment from Wiley?2023-11-23T10:18:59+01:00

The Everything DiSC® Assessment by Wiley is a new generation personality assessment tool based on the DiSC model and modernized through decades of research and development. It is used to analyze and understand the personality traits and behavior of individuals or work groups. We distinguish four main dimensions: Dominant (D), Initiative (I), Steady (S) and Conscientious (C). Depending on the result of the assessment, a person is assigned a profile that shows which of these dimensions are most pronounced and how they behave in different situations and towards other people. Each style has different priorities, motivators and stress factors.

The Everything DiSC® assessment from Wiley can be used in various areas, such as: Workplace development: It can be used to improve interpersonal communication and collaboration in the professional environment. Employees and managers can better understand themselves and their colleagues and learn to interact more effectively.

Which DiSC types fit together?2023-11-22T12:14:18+01:00

There is no fixed rule as to which DiSC types fit together, as this depends greatly on the individual personalities and the given situations. However, certain combinations of personality types can harmonize particularly well or complement each other in a professional context:

D and i: People with strong D and i traits can work well together because they are both assertive and extroverted. They are often good team leaders and motivate others.

S and G: People with strong S and G traits are often thorough, reliable, and detail-oriented. They are good at getting tasks done and maintaining standards.

I and S: A combination of I and S traits can be effective in social or supportive roles because they are communicative and empathetic.

G and D: People with these characteristics can succeed in roles that require a lot of responsibility and leadership potential because they are both conscientious and assertive.

Can I fail a DiSC® test?2023-11-22T12:58:01+01:00

Don't worry, there is no way to fail a DiSC assessment. However, if you try to achieve a certain result, you could invalidate the assessment. This would make the assessment useless for personal development. Explaining to participants how the assessment is used can help to take away their fear of the assessment. The important thing is: each style is good as it is and has its own strengths.

Do you want to bring the Everything DiSC profile suite into your organization?

The performance tool for companies

For over 40 years, companies have been increasing their productivity by using the Everything DiSC® profile, which has been proven millions of times

Whether in leadership development, sales, conflict management, as a team tool or in recruiting, it is always about optimal collaboration:

  • What type of person complements the team best?
  • Which employee is a perfect fit for our company?
  • How do I increase sales success?
  • How do I lead my employees optimally and individually?
  • How can I resolve conflicts in the team efficiently?

The different Everything DiSC®Profiles help you to better understand yourself and other people.

Expand your portfolio

With an Everything DiSC® certification, you as a trainer, consultant and coach have the opportunity to expand your offering with a tool that is known worldwide and used over 50 million times

As a certified DiSC® trainer, you have a highly efficient tool to bring about positive changes in companies. Support your customers with personnel development, team and organizational development, conflict management or change management.

As a trainer certified by us, you will receive everything you need to get started right away: The trainer package, your own EPIC Plattform and an internationally recognized certificate that allows you to work with Everything DiSC® worldwide.

Was ist Everything DiSC®?

The Everything DiSC® profile is one of the world's most widely used tools in personnel development

The DiSC model has been used for over 40 years to describe human behavior patterns and illustrate the reasons for our actions in different situations. Those who know the DiSC® model and are aware of their style not only understand their own actions better, but can also work more successfully with other people. The goal of our Everything DiSC® profiles is to communicate better with other people, strengthen interpersonal relationships and counteract prejudices. True to the motto: “Better relations, better results.”

The four letters D i S and G are composed for the model as follows:

Direct and assertive. People with the D style are determined, strong-willed people who take on challenges, take action and achieve immediate results.

Optimistic and lively. People with the i-style enjoy working in teams, sharing ideas with others and entertaining others.

Patient and accommodating. People with the S style are helpful, enjoy working behind the scenes, work evenly and predictably, and are good listeners.

Analytical and reserved. People with the G style place great value on precision and like to approach their work systematically. They prefer to leave feelings aside because they rely on logic and reason.

Why should you get certified?

With the DiSC® certification, you can use the world's most widely used personality profile for your daily work. As a trainer or coach, this can be an excellent addition to your offering. As a human resources developer, you can provide your company with a system for a wide range of applications

With this training, you will receive the official DiSC® certification. The two-day certification training certifies that you have a deeper understanding of this personality profile. You will be able to hold training, coaching and consulting sessions or use this powerful tool to support personnel selection. After completing our two-day certification training, you will be able to conduct training in various areas: personal development, leadership development, teamwork, relationships, sales and negotiation techniques.

Use the proven solutions from Everything DiSC® for a variety of topics such as communication, conflict, interpersonal effectiveness, management effectiveness, sales and team effectiveness. With this versatile tool, you can respond to the specific needs of your customers and employees and thus provide them with ideal advice and support in all areas of the company.

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